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The EMS report cards for VF witnessed cardiac arrest survival are in; and the results for most communities in the United States are dismal. Many large U.S. cities average less than 10%. Yet, there is hope. Seattle and King County, Washington report over 60% survival; the highest in the world. Why is this? What can your community do to improve?

The Resuscitation Academy is designed to help EMS managers and directors improve cardiac arrest survival in their communities. Join the leaders from Seattle and King County for a course that will transform the way you think about how EMS manages cardiac arrests.

The Mission

The goal of the Resuscitation Academy is to improve survival from cardiac arrest. This will be achieved through the enrollment of EMS managers, EMS directors and EMS medical directors, in a  program conducted by Seattle Medic One and King County EMS.


Resuscitation Academy tuition is subsidized in part by generous contributions from our sponsoring agencies. Additional information about tuition is contained within each program description.

Rest in Peace, Captain Craig Aman

EMS and the Resuscitation Community have lost a friend and a champion.

Seattle Fire Department Captain Craig Aman passed on yesterday from cancer. Craig joined the Faculty of the Resuscitation Academy to share his passion, professionalism and keen intellect.  He was a driving force behind High Performance CPR training. Craig’s challenge to all of us was always: “How can we do better?”

We will miss his humor, his insights, and his big heart.

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