Acting on the Call of the Global Resuscitation Alliance

On June 6-7, 2015 at the Utstein Abbey near Stavanger, Norway, 36 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) leaders, researchers, and experts from throughout the world convened to address the challenge of how to increase community cardiac arrest survival and how to achieve implementation of best practices and worthwhile programs. We called for the establishment of a Global Resuscitation Alliance in order to expand internationally the reach and utility of the Resuscitation Academy. Such a global effort will promote best practices and offer help with implementation to countless communities.

Download the 2018 updated document that includes 27 case reports highlighting the global ferment in improving survival from cardiac arrest.

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HP-CPR – Video Toolkit

Includes instructor guide, skills sheets and short demo videos (Note: long versions of the videos can be downloaded separately as a .zip package in either .MP4 or Windows Media formats – see below)

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