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The Science

Science of CPR

The Science of CPR
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The Technique - 30:2 Series

High-Performance CPR ALS Entry
High-Per­for­mance CPR – 3 Per­son
High-Per­for­mance CPR – 2 Per­son
Ventilation – Three Finger Technique
Crew Rotation
Compression Mechanics
High-Performance CPR with ALS Integration
High-Performance CPR 30:2

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The Technique - BLS Continuous Series

Shock No Shock Advised – 2015
No Shock Advised – 2015
AED Use – 2015
Pre-Charge – 2015
BLS/ALS integration – 2015
3 Person Rotation – 2015
2-Person Rotation – 2015
Crew Positioning – 2015
BLS Continuous – 2015
Ventilation – Three Finger Technique

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Supplemental Videos

2015 – Tualatin Valley HPCPR ALS Engine

Audio/Video Downloads

HP-CPR – Video Toolkit

Includes instructor guide, skills sheets and short demo videos

HP-CPR – Video Long Versions (MP4)

Long version of the videos included in the HP-CPR Toolkit

HP-CPR – Video Long Versions (Windows Media)

Long version of the videos included in the HP-CPR Toolkit in Windows Media format

RA Audio Library

Library of audio clips and user guide