Resuscitation Academy Programs – General Questions

What programs does the Resuscitation Academy offer?

The Resuscitation Academy currently offers programs ranging in duration from ½ day to 3 days of lectures, discussion, and hands-on experience designed to help improve cardiac arrest survival in your community. Taught by EMS physician and operations leaders, courses are designed to give attendees the tools they need to undertake quality improvement projects in their communities.

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How may I apply to participate in a Resuscitation Academy Workshop?

Academy courses are designed for EMS medical directors and operations staff in positions of leadership with the ability to effect change in their departments. Occasionally, RAs are offered specifically designed for dispatchers/telecommunicators or EMTs and paramedic training officers. The application process is detailed in the program descriptions.

Click here for detailed program descriptions.

What is the tuition?

Most courses are offered at no charge. However, outside of Seattle, there may be some fee. Let us know if you’re interested in attending an RA and contact Leesa Stevens at 425.785.4752.

Where are Resuscitation Academy Programs held?

The Resuscitation Academy conducts its programs in Seattle, Washington.  We also work closely with other communities within North America where local experts conduct Resuscitation Academies using some of our content.  Our collaboration extends to thought leaders within Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.  Together, the various Academies constitute the Global Resuscitation Alliance – a network committed to improving resuscitation outcomes worldwide.

How may my organization host a Resuscitation Academy?

The Resuscitation Academy is committed to collaborating with communities around the world.  Communities seeking to implement the 10-Steps to Improve Resuscitation are encouraged to attend a Resuscitation workshop in Seattle.  During your participation, a Resuscitation Academy faculty member will meet with you to discuss your goals.  Together, we will create an action plan for implementing a workshop in your community. Let us know if you’re interested in hosting an RA and contact Leesa Stevens at 425.785.4752.

Seattle – General Questions

Does the Seattle course offer Continuing Medical Education credits (CMEs)?

No, we currently do not offer CMEs. We do present attendees with a certification of completion.

What’s the dress code for Seattle Resuscitation Academy participants?

Attendees should wear either an EMS uniform or business casual attire. If you are attending the High-Performance CPR Workshop, wear comfortable clothes appropriate for doing CPR (long pants, close-toed shoes, short sleeve shirt)

Once I’m in Seattle, how do I get to the Academy?

The conference organizer will provide you with the meeting location and time. Participants are responsible for getting to the main meeting location. Bus, cab, private vehicle, or walking are all reasonable options.

Is there a waiting list?

Yes, if your community has a team of 2-3 leaders in a position to make policy/protocol decisions within the EMS system, we will add you to the waiting list. Contact us for more information.

What do I do if I need to cancel?

We are overwhelmed by more applicants than we can accommodate. Therefore, if you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible so that someone from the waiting list may attend. You may be charged a cancellation fee depending on the proximity to the event.


Are there downloadable resources available?

Yes, check out the Resources page to download free resources for strengthening each link in the chain of survival.

What is the cost to access the resources?

There is no cost to download resources – just create a login and password. We will keep in touch when new materials are posted.

Can I post Resuscitation Academy resources to my website or social media?

We love sharing. While the Resuscitation Academy material is trademarked, please do post resources to other websites or social media. We just ask that you give credit to the Resuscitation Academy.

What’s the history of the Resuscitation Academy?

The Resuscitation Academy was created in 2008 by the EMS leaders in Seattle, King County, Washington to help other communities improve their cardiac arrest survival rates. Since that time, the RA has touched hundreds of EMS systems, sharing resources, strategies, philosophy, and inspiration along the way.

Does the Resuscitation Academy have partners?

American Heart Association and Laerdal are major partners with the RA.

May I donate to the Resuscitation Academy?

Contributions to the Resuscitation Academy Scholarship Fund ensure that every community, regardless of financial resources, has a chance to attend an RA. Please contact us to make a donation to the Resuscitation Academy.

Are Resuscitation Academy faculty available for press interviews?

Yes, Resuscitation Academy faculty are available for press interviews. Please contact us to make arrangements.