Without measurement there can be no improvement.

Survival from Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) may be improved when best practices are implemented.

Knowing where, and how, to begin isn’t always clear.

Our tools and services help communities prioritize Chain of Survival improvement efforts.

Start Assessment

Cardiac Arrest System Assessment

Measure to Improve

Survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest is unacceptable low – averaging less than 10%. Based on existing science and practices, communities may increase survival by 50%.

The Resuscitation Academy Cardiac Arrest System Assessment Program consists of tools and services to help identify focus areas for communities to mature their Chain of Survival.

Self Assessment

Self Assessment

Gain insights with our free Self-Assessment.  Includes prioritized recommendations.

Consultative Services Program

Consultative Services Program

Gain further insights through our Consultative Services program.

Cardiac Arrest System Assessment

A Self Assessment. 30 Questions. Valuable Insights.

For most U.S. communities, survival rates for VF witnessed cardiac arrests are dismal — averaging less than 10%. So how can EMS professionals transform the way we manage cardiac arrests and move the needle on survival rates?

Start with this 30-question assessment to evaluate five key elements spanning the chain of survival:

Areas of Focus

Assessment Options

Prepare to Assess

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