History of Resuscitation Video

History of Resuscitation

eBook Videos

Ten Steps Introduction – Mickey Eisenberg
10 Steps Introduction – Ann Doll
A Few Words of Wisdom – The Seven Mantras
Public Expectations – Measuring the Effectiveness of a System
Resuscitation Academy Alumni Testimonial
Resuscitation Academy Alumni Testimonial
Establishing a Cardiac Arrest Registry
Step 3 – Implement High Performance CPR with Ongoing Training & QI
Elements of High Performance CPR
Summary of The Science of CPR
Importance of Attitude in Successful High Performance CPR
High Performance CPR & the American Heart Association Guidelines
Resuscitation Academy Alumni Testimonial
Step 4 – Implement Rapid Dispatch
First Responder Defibrillation
Smart Technologies
CPR Education in Schools
Step 10 – Work Toward a Culture of Excellence
Step 10 – Work Toward A Culture of Excellence
Concluding Thoughts
Great CPR For Over 8 Minutes (Audio)
Quick to Identify Need for CPR (Audio)
Great CPR & Good Coaching
Need for CPR Missed Despite Many Signals
Unneccessary Questions
Agonals Example – Gargling
Agonals Example – Moaning
Good Example – Breathing Normally
Dispatcher Does Not Get Sidetracked
Well Handled Breathing Question