Who we are

Since 2008, the Resuscitation Academy has been working hard to create a world where no one dies from cardiac arrest. Collectively our faculty has over 12 decades of direct experience in studying and improving resuscitation.  

What we do

Over the years, we’ve created a collection of resources that are used around the globe to help communities improve resuscitation care. Following the 10 Steps for Improving Survival from Cardiac Arrest, we inform, inspire, and offer to assist any community wanting to improve survival outcomes.

To date, we have approximately 3,000 alumni worldwide who impact over 700 communities. That’s a great start – but we can do better. If we are going to create a world where no one dies from cardiac arrest, we have to do better. We need to think in new ways, we need to talk to different (more) people, and we need champions in every corner of the world to join us. We need to band together to make our voice heard, to think in new ways, to solve problems as a group.

What’s new

To bring us closer to that goal, we are launching The Resuscitation Academy Network – and we need you to join us. Working together, we will harness our collective power to save lives. The Network will give you access to the tools and resources to host your own events, help you find like-minded people who are passionate about resuscitation, and stay current on RA news. 

Come with us

Together we are smarter, stronger, and can make a bigger impact. Sign up today. All it takes is your name and email. From there you can get connected with other alumni, fill in your profile to tell us about yourself and how we can help, and access all of our resources.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together – African proverb