Detroit used to have one of the lowest, if not the lowest, survival rate from cardiac arrest in the nation. A published article from 2007 listed one survivor among 471 cardiac arrests. But thing have changed. A report from 2018 shows impressive improvement with overall survival reaching 6.4% in 2016 with the Utstein survival rate (witnessed VF) reaching 18.2%.  The authors report improvements in the chain of survival.  Among them, faster dispatch, telecommunicator CPR, training of fire fighters as medical first responders, additional ambulances, as well as, a process of ongoing quality improvement.

Over the past 5 years, several fire department leaders from Detroit attended the Resuscitation Academy. I like to think the Resuscitation Academy played a small role in giving these individuals the skills and motivation to help improve their system. Plus, I am pleased to see this happen since Detroit is my home town.

Way to go, Detroit!

Mickey Eisenberg, MD, PhD

Resuscitation Academy

The article is titled:  Improvement in Non-Traumatic, Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest: Survival in Detroit from 2014-2016

Authors:  S May, L Zhang, D Foley, E Brennan, B O’Neill, E Bork, P Levy, R Dunne

Journal:  Journal of the American Heart Association, 2018,  DOI:  10,1161/JAHA.  118.009831