Can blogs and social media help save lives?  We think so.

Welcome to the newly established Resuscitation Academy blog.  It’s a key feature for our refreshed website dedicated to sharing best practices in implementation science.

Who is the Resuscitation Academy?

We are an eclectic group of professionals who believe more can, and should, be done to save lives from cardiac arrest. We are physicians and paramedics who are on the front lines of treating patients. We are 911 call takers and dispatchers – the first 1st Responders to almost 350,000 annual cardiac emergencies in the U.S. We are researchers – seeking answers to questions about what works best when resuscitating victims. We are organized as a foundation named the Resuscitation Academy. We’re based in Seattle, Washington. Our like-minded colleagues are in cities all over the United States and the World. Representatives from more than 300 communities have participated in our educational programs.

Science only works when it’s implemented. True. Sadly, much of what is known to work isn’t implemented everywhere. The science and guidelines for treating cardiac arrest do work. We are reminded all the time that it’s the basics that save lives – Telephone CPR, rapid dispatch, community CPR, high-performing EMS teams, and early defibrillation reverse cardiac arrest when implemented. We mean when implemented…and measured…and continuously improved.

We want to build a community of implementation champions. A network of life-savers sharing information on what works could make a difference. Have a question about training? Ask our network of instructors. Achieve something remarkable? Share the results in a case study. Feeling overwhelmed about the difficulty of improving a system? Reach out to our community for encouragement and practical advice.

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Do blogs help save lives? We think ours will. With your help, we can, and will, do more to help save lives from cardiac arrest. Thank you for taking the journey with us.

Ann Doll
Executive Director
Resuscitation Academy