Resuscitation Academy eBook – PDF Version

Ten Steps for Improving Survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest

The PDF version has embedded links to short videos on YouTube as well as sound files of actual dispatch center cardiac arrest calls. The PDF version may be viewed on your computer and on most PDF/eReaders (media content may not be accessible on all). For this version you will need a wireless connection to view the videos and listen to the sound files.

We earnestly hope this publication will stimulate discussion within your EMS system on how to improve cardiac arrest survival.

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The following videos can be found in the eBook

Ten Steps Introduction – Mickey Eisenberg
10 Steps Introduction – Ann Doll
A Few Words of Wisdom – The Seven Mantras
Public Expectations – Measuring the Effectiveness of a System
Resuscitation Academy Alumni Testimonial
Resuscitation Academy Alumni Testimonial
Establishing a Cardiac Arrest Registry
Step 3 – Implement High Performance CPR with Ongoing Training & QI
Elements of High Performance CPR
Summary of The Science of CPR
Importance of Attitude in Successful High Performance CPR
High Performance CPR & the American Heart Association Guidelines
Resuscitation Academy Alumni Testimonial
Step 4 – Implement Rapid Dispatch
First Responder Defibrillation
Smart Technologies
CPR Education in Schools
Step 10 – Work Toward a Culture of Excellence
Step 10 – Work Toward A Culture of Excellence
Concluding Thoughts
Great CPR For Over 8 Minutes (Audio)
Quick to Identify Need for CPR (Audio)
Great CPR & Good Coaching
Need for CPR Missed Despite Many Signals
Unneccessary Questions
Agonals Example – Gargling
Agonals Example – Moaning
Good Example – Breathing Normally
Dispatcher Does Not Get Sidetracked
Well Handled Breathing Question